Job Opening: Project Managers for Naval Ship Building

19 Νοέ.

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Project Managers for Naval Ship Building willing to relocate to Middle East

Human Resources Expertise, HRM Consulting, Business and Executive Coaching, Training, is searching on behalf of a Naval Ship Building Company in Middle East, experienced Project Managers who are willing to relocate.


To manage the delivery of new vessel build, refit and repair programs across the company from the management of contracts from initial design through to construction, testing, delivery and after sales support in order to ensure compliance with schedule, budget and quality standards as well as maintaining full customer satisfaction.


Diploma in engineering or related technical field

10 years of relevant experience in the ship building industry, including at least 5 years in positions of managerial or supervisory responsibilities

. Ability to read and understand technical specifications, drawings, contract documents, setting to work and test and trials procedures

. Knowledge of shipbuilding operations and ship systems

. Knowledge of military specifications

. Knowledge of strategic and tactical planning in naval ship construction and repair environment

. Shipboard management skills

. Contract management skills

. Project management skills

. Communication skills ,  Computer skills

. Problem solving skills, People management skills

You are more than welcome to send us your CV to which we will treat with the strictest confidentiality.

Please write in your e-mail subject: Ship Building Project Manager

Human Resources Expertise

HRM Consulting, Business and Executive Coaching, Training,

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