Keep control!!

22 Ιολ.


Everything under control!

“I have the control over something” means:

  1. I have a vision: I know where I am going
  2. I have values, motivation: I know why
  3. I have a plan: I know the way
  4. I have a commitment: I have consistency

Aim of this article is to suggest how to protect ourselves from being drifted away and lose control over our movements or over our own life due to sudden changes, and small or big failures. For instance I am not selected after an interview for a position that I strive; I am unemployed for so much time that I have not anticipated it; I fail in a concrete sale; I fail in a new business activity.

Everything is in the game, both good and bad experiences! I have to keep myself in the ground, therefore I have to keep control over the ball, because it might be necessary that I jump and catch it in the air.

If I lose control I have to find it again irrespective of when, in order to reenter the game.

But reentering the game is a matter of motivation and moreover, it calls for energy and determination.

Each one of us has his/her own motivation and this is different from other people’s motivation, even for me. I tend to believe in this very much because after the completion of relevant surveys, I have worked and read very much towards this direction. Whatever we chase enthusiastically and indefatigably emanates from our values and the characteristics that determine our behavior and the direction that we will give to our choices.

Being above others is not a solution; it can alleviate pain temporarily but does not bring me close to my goals.  Whenever you see your movements or other people’s movements with arrogance, this means that you underestimate them, and unfortunately you might lose the motivation and the ball itself in the end.

I have to be high but high enough so as to see the movements I have to make so as to determine my own fate. In other words, this means to have control over my movements.

Plan and be activated. Evaluate your actions, improve them or change them so as to succeed every time in your goals. Do not let yourselves be disappointed! Ask for help. We all need help; it is a kind of liberation. Nowadays you have the opportunity to realign your powers, to have your ropes repaired, to take decisions, to change and transform if this is necessary!

Barbara Asimakopoulou

Translation from greek made by Christina Papachristopoulou




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