Life is a game that challenges us to take the rebound many times!

14 Ιον.

The “failures” in our life do not mean that we are not good players but that we did not score that time. In order to score we need to stay in the ground!

In either our personal or professional life, we have more than once faced the need to reconsider our course. Especially during the last years, in most cases this has happened many times either violently or gradually.

Violent facts can be death, a separation, a forced exit from the workplace and many others, less painful.

Among the gradual facts are the various changes whose awareness lasts more or feelings such as the gradual lack of satisfaction, disappointment, the lack of interest and many others. All are part of the game of life.

However painful these changes might be, they always happen and all of us have to take this into consideration sooner or later.

These changes will take place without regard to the fact that can or cannot be influenced. Whenever they take place, given that we will mourn for a short period of time or for the period of time that our heart and mind seek and our body allows, we have to reenter the game of life. And do that in a way that we will use all our powers, both the old and new, in order to win.

To win something maybe totally different from what we have lost or what we think we have lost or something even better.

I suggest 10 practical steps and I would very much appreciate your opinion αbout them:

-awareness that all changes are part of our life

-we owe to accept them

-we owe to use them in favor of ourselves

-the season of mourning and grief is necessary but should not become a habit or last too long

-we should create a new vision

-we should plan carefully and cheerfully our new steps towards it

-we should get prepared for more changes

-we should be the role model for the society

-we should affect others in a positive way

Nowadays we need help more than ever in order to “take the rebound” and have successful efforts. I recommend -except our sincere friends or beloved family members- groups with similar concerns, healthy synergies, training and coaching.

The best players have many good moments but also many unfortunate moments. This does not undermine their value and/or perspective.

In the end, the game of life is not a foot race but a race of endurance instead, where the end does not matter. On the other hand, what definitely matters, is the fact that the stops can be even more creative and if possible, exhilarating and delightful. And this will possibly happen when we do not let our values be trespassed. We then are authentic and happy.

The presence of a coach and a team with similar concerns like “the Rebounders” acts like a catalyst in this period of our lives. The most important things- not always, but often -come out of really painful situations. This does not mean that we will cause them, but that we will embrace them instead and try to learn from them things about ourselves and our surroundings.

Our work should be the alibi for a better life and not only the means for money.

Let the steering wheel of our life comprise love, friends, free time, personal development, health, natural environment and contribution, in order to guide us towards where we desire.

Our actions lead us close to or far from our biggest wishes (independently of the convictions that usually confine ourselves, for instance: am I optimist? Am I pessimist?), and we all feel stimulated to action by this magic liquid that circulates in our veins, that is to say adrenaline, the beloved hormone that does good or bad to us. We must set sadness, disappointment, marginalization or self-rejection aside and reenter the game by taking the rebound.

Love or fear is adrenaline. Therefore we have the illusion that we like both of them. Fear is a primitive feeling that warns us to stay and fight or to run and protect ourselves.

Although I do not like war given the circumstances, I will stay and fight, using my brain and heart as a weapon and my beloved friends on the same ground.

We have created our voluntary team named “the Rebounders”. Follow this blog and join us  on LinkedIn at the following address:: and it will be a great joy for us and a great challenge for you. All our members are facing similar challenges -either they are employed or unemployed- share voluntarily their support, expertise and experience with each others.

Rebounding is a responsibility for all of us and the only way out of the difficulties that arise in either our personal or professional life. Lack of action is a synonym for degeneration and leads to resignation and death. Life needs us all in “this game” and we therefore propose ACTION and commitment in order to take again the REBOUND.

This is an opportunity to go back stage for a while in order to reinvent ourselves under new circumstances, discover our inner strengths and set a new vision; afterwards, return to the game by taking the initiative and responsibility of our actions.

Barbara Asimakopoulou



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