The very first «meeting point» for many rebounds

23 Μαρ.

We have created “the Rebounders” in order to support, motivate and engage professionals and executives who face business challenges to regain control over their professional lives and achieve their goals.

We consider that anyone of us will need to “rebound” at least once in his/her life. What is more, “rebounding” may occur many times in our professional or personal lives.

Furthermore, we believe that the modern world we live in needs everyone’s contribution and participation with innovative and creative actions.

We are dreaming of a new society that will be moving from “I” to “We”, based on values such as integrity, social contribution and synergy. A society which creates, rather than only consumes.

We wish to “set the example” (be role models – paradigma), so as to live with “phronesis” (prudence), as Aristotle suggests.

We wish to bring together all the wide awake members of our society, so as to take action and assist each manager or executive to meet current or future professional challenges and expectations.

For this reason,

 We are developing a network of professionals, entrepreneurs, executives,  coaches, mentors etc who share the same vision.

 They will have to enjoy offering and /or receiving voluntarily their support and guidance to anyone facing professional challenges.

 In addition, they will be in a position to communicate the mission of the “Rebounders” in any special event, newsletter, site etc.

 In order to achieve our vision:

 We invite you to join our blog in order to keep yourselves informed and share your thoughts, ideas, etc.

 We invite you to actively participate in our group on Linkedin, where discussions, suggestions, articles, special events, inspirational stories of various “Rebounders” are presented.

 You may attend our monthly meeting at HRE, Kifissias Avenue 90, Marousi.

 You can also participate in business or career coaching workshops or special events which will facilitate interaction between our members.

 We wish to include a network of financial supporters-companies or individuals- in our team, for the conduct of any event or action that will promote the vision, values and goals of the “Rebounders”.

 Nowadays, more than ever, we need ingenious actions, a way out of the challenges we are facing as a society or as individuals. Furthermore, it is clear that we cannot count on the assistance of any third parties.

 Join us.

Participate in this blog and share your personal experience as a “Rebounder” or any thought that strengthens our goals.

 Become a role model that others will imitate.

Join as a volunteer coach. Contribute as a sponsor.

Promote the vision, values or goals of the “Rebounders”.

Finally, you are more than welcome to propose-support fruitful ideas.

Strength comes through unity.

All members of the “Rebounders” respect our common values: integrity, social contribution and synergies in order to make a positive impact on the world.

All nationalities are welcome. We are “the Rebounders” of the world.

Our discussions will be in Greek, English or French.

Barbara Asimakopoulou


Ένα Σχόλιο to “The very first «meeting point» for many rebounds”

  1. barbarasilver 23/03/2012 στις 23:04 #

    well come Rebounder!

    Μου αρέσει!


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